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Why Tipax was a sponsor in 8th Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival in (Chabahar) Iran?

In addition to my personal interest in the field of fashion and mode, I believe that if we support this area, the postal and logistics industry will also be strengthened.

And as a result, the companies and brands we have in the Fakher holding, such as Tipax, Tnext, Tpx, Tihub, etc., and other public and private companies in the post industry are benefited from this field of business.

By supporting this field inside Iran, we can think about foreign markets. However, there is no good association between the managers of mode and design industry and other related businesses and most importantly the markets of this industry. Here is the most imperative place for logistics and supply chain companies to be involved in the fashion and mode industry.

Fakher Holding has currently the first private post operator in Iran and one of the most important strategies of this operator, is to create a suitable platform for interacting and utilizing the supply chain infrastructures in the country and the region.

In order to the establish the operator in the economic puzzle, it is necessary to engage with industries and businesses. The fashion design and clothing industry is one of the most important parts of this puzzle.

Our main policy in this area is to be related with fashion and clothing industry. If this relationship is well established, it can help our economic prosperity and enhance the valuable heritage of our country.

Before the current economic situation, there were also brands that were represented by “mehanpoush Fakher” company in Iran. The company was established in Fakher Holding with the goal of providing a suitable foundation for fashion brands. Our main policy in this area is to make a relationship with the fashion and clothing businesses.

I had little information about the noble Iranian art of Baluch needlework before this year’s Fajr Fashion and Clothing Festival. I recently realized that this art is so authentic that the Baluch girls learn to work with needles even before they learn to read and write. It is so sad that this type of traditional art is not known even inside Iran. Therefore, I asked my personal communication group to assign a part of my personal gifts based on this authentic Iranian art. I do this to be an ambassador for my land, in the meetings with the officials and business owners of national and international community.

I remember that I mentioned the history of ancient Persian Chapars and Couriers in an event in Geneva and I received a great feedback from this story, while the speech was for the modern-day executives in postal industry such as Amazon, DHL, and Fedex.

If we want to be effective in the fashion and clothing industry, we need to be modern, which means we have to respond the needs of our modern consumer and the domestic and foreign markets as well. However, if we forget our Iranian identity, we have nothing to say, and this originality and identity are hidden in these traditional and handcraft arts.

The branding of fashion and clothing in Iran is weak in domestic production, because it has been operating locally and is not able to expand the boundaries of its communication.

In my opinion, brand owners should work with the logistics activists and implement solutions for such problems.

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