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The winds of change and modernization in Tipax

The winds of change and modernization in Tipax

What you are reading is a summary of my interview in Tipax Magazine, winter 1397 (solar year) Volume

Our keys to Survival

In Iran, the number of companies that have been operating continuously for half a century is few and far between. Tipax is alive and this is because we put our heart and soul into our work.

In the 60’s and with regard to the problems we faced in the Iran-Iraq war, it was not efficient for our company to continue its activity. But my father, as the founder of Tipax, has put all his effort to keep this company alive and survive from that time.

Some of my friends and colleagues believe that this interest in the post industry has also penetrated in my gene.

I think it is true. I love this industry. I’ve always been with my father and mother, experimenting all parts of this work with them, from writing a contract to loading trucks. I also spent a lot of time in the UK, studying the postal industry in the world and my goal was always to return back to my country and introduce a modern postal service to Iran.

As one of my friends once said about me that,

it is my mission to improve postal and courier service round-the-clock.”

Tipax international is coming back

Tipax was the only option for international post and parcel in 50’s in Iran, however, we suspended our international department due to some issues.

Nowadays, we are going to open our Tipax international again and we had negotiations with the countries of the region.

Need to improve the standards in the postal industry

Unfortunately, our people do not get standard postal services. Although UPU (Universal Postal Union), has defined standards for the provision of postal services, and anyone who works in this area is required to comply with this standard, it not the case in Iran.

In Tipax, we’re trying to offer different services from the past. We are now the only company to offer all processes in an automated method. The issue of paper sheets in Tipax has been completely stopped. Before this strategic change, our paper consumption was as much as a bank.

In our view, the services we provide are not enough and we need to have a variety of services to meet the demands of our customers.

In this regard, Tipax customer service has launched a system to record and track customer complaints. We have recently launched the Customer Care unit in our marketing department as well.

For the environment and to reduce our carbon Footprint, we are ready for electrification of our vehicles and it needs some infrastructure and governmental support.

A package can be shipped by bus, for example, at cheaper prices than Tipax. However, maintaining the security of the parcel is very important and, of course, a bus has no facilities and expert staff for parcel delivery. In this wrong way of shipment, the package may be damaged and no insurance will cover this damage.

In Tipax, as one of the right ways of shipping parcels, people can call one of our branches or ask our staff through My Tipax application (in the near future) to deliver their parcel. Our shipping calculator estimates the time and cost of delivery based on the destination and service. This parcel is shipped in a standard method and delivered on time.

Tipax in 1397

First 6 months of the year was very challenging for us. We launched our modern Hub.

One of our challenges was our technical challenge in the hardware and software sector.

But more important than the above, any change is accompanied by resistance. Some of the colleagues inside the company resisted these changes. Some of them suggested that we should again use those traditional processes. Some believe that Tipax is dying.

But we accepted The Winds of Change. We believed if we fail to establish a new system today, we will never succeed.”

Now, through 300 branches in 220 cities to 250 cities in the country, we have about 50,000 shipments per day.

The position of TIPAX in the postal industry in the country

According to experts and even our competitors, Tipax is the market leader Courier service in Iran. However, we can take more market share by providing new services.

Our major challenges for the next year

From our big challenges and, of course, my personal challenges in the coming year is we have a lot of developmental plans and we are keen to implement them as soon as possible, and we have very limited time.

The average age of our colleagues in the headquarters has reached the age of under 35 and the employment of young and educated staff is one of our challenges this year.

Finally, I think that our ultimate challenge will be healthy competition with other industry players.

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