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I was born in an Azeri family in Tehran and my parents were both entrepreneurs of the post industry and logistics services in Iran. I have also continued this job due to my own interests. I have spent a part of my childhood and adolescence in Iran and I moved to England to learn the state-of-the-art knowledge of the modern postal industry in the Europe and the USA. After a decade of study I returned to my homeland, Iran.

I got married when I was young and I believe that the family is the most important value for every committed and responsible person. Although I have invested on my professional vision and perspective of the quantitative and qualitative development of the Iranian post Industry, yet the family matters the most to me.

As a responsible child to my father and mother and a loyal husband to my wife and a decent father to my son and daughter, I believe my colleagues are like my family, and I know my mission is to be a good leader and companion to them more than the organizational and economic role.

Iran is well known as the founder of “the post” in the world and I have always been proud of this honor.  And as I know that there is a gap between Iran and the world’s post standards, It is my dream to improve the quality and quantity of the postal and logistics industry in Iran.

And I hope it comes again a time to Iranians everywhere in the world, that we will once again be proud of post industry of Iran


Dr Mehrdad Fakher, Member of the board of ICHES higher education institute of Australia, was introduced as a memeber of the Scientific Committee of the 13th International Conference on Strategic Management. Paying attention to the valuable knowledge of strategic management in the country and expanding it among managers and experts has been considered as a […]...مشاهده بیشتر


Last Wednesday, I attended to a meeting as a representative of thousands of Tipax coworkers to be a part of the Red Crescent and making a memorandum of understanding to provide Logistics services in both critical and non-critical situations. Mr. Nasiri, the head of the Red Crescent volunteers, also paid tribute to Tipax for its […]...مشاهده بیشتر


Global statistics show the positive impact of the communications of all members of a company on their creativity and performance. The important thing is how to create this relationship? In a company with multiple layers of management, how is the communication process with managers?  How can companies with many business partners get ideas and criticisms […]...مشاهده بیشتر


  As the Tipax needs modern structures and methods for its change, it needs a new building and modern workspace as well. Modern Tipax moved to his new home. For me, this event was not just an opening event of a new building. It had to take place on the path to further development and […]...مشاهده بیشتر


As I suggested a game design competition with the concept of postal industry and with the aim of expressing the impact of the post on human life on the World Post Day, the game designers and creative people were invited to create a game with the concept of the post at the national and global […]...مشاهده بیشتر