I was born in an Azeri family in Tehran and my parents were both entrepreneurs of the post industry and logistics services in Iran. I have also continued this job due to my own interests. I have spent a part of my childhood and adolescence in Iran and I traveled to England to learn the state-of-the-art knowledge of the modern postal industry in the Europe and the USA. After a decade of study I returned to my homeland, Iran. I also got a PhD in DBA in which has helped me gain a better understanding of the concept of Branding and management. I got married when I was young and I believe that the family is the most important value for every committed and responsible person. I began to work in this industry from the low-level employee and proceeded to the level of the management. I am currently the CEO of "Tipax Co". and the chairman of the board in "Fakher Holding" and a faculty member at ICHES (International Center of Higher Education in Australia), researching in the fields of entrepreneurship and strategic management. Apart from Tipax, "Fakher holding" is managing other companies and brands such as: Octiran, Mehanpoush and IRDAL in Hospitality, TiHub, TPX, TiTech, TinexT, Tipax_International and Postwaan which is the First Iranian Private Post Operator in Logistics and Courier Services. TiShop, Khooger, Khooger_plus startups in Ecommerce. In my role as an entrepreneur of postal industry in my country, my colleagues are my family. This is why I use the word "the Fakher Holding Family" most of the time. My mission is not only to be a manager, but also to be a leader and a good companion for my colleagues. Iran is well known as the founder of "the post" in the world and I have always been proud of this. It is my dream to improve the quality and quantity of the postal and logistics industry in Iran. And I hope it comes again a time to Iranians everywhere in the world, that we will once again be proud of Iran.

Work Experiences

  • 2001-2003CEO Representative in Tipax

  • 2003-2005Vice President in Branch Management

  • 2005-2006Deputy CEO in Tipax

  • 2012- until nowCEO in Tipax

  • From 2017Chairman of the board in Fakher Holding